New Apple TV App Hands-On Explainer

Hey everybody today I want to talk to you about the Apple TV App and I’s, not talking about the box, although full address this in a second, I’m talking about the app Apple TV app, which is primarily On the Apple TV box, and then there’s Apple TV plus, that’s coming along first when I heard about this, I was initially excited, but then, when the glow of the Apple event dissipated, I realized wait a second.

No. I’m, not excited. I’m, really confused, so I dug into it, and I want to explain to you everything that you can expect from the new Apple TV and Apple TV plus, okay. So when I say Apple TV, you probably think of the Apple TV box, it’s, a streaming set-top box that has apps like Netflix and Amazon.

It’s kind of like a Roku, but Apple people right and in it is the Apple TV app. So first thing to know: Apple TV app is breaking out of the Apple TV box and maybe coming to advise that you already own.

Why should you care, though, well in the past, the Apple TV app has primarily been so that you could easily access Apple content? So if you like to buy things from Apple movies, music TV shows it was an easy way for you to access all of that stuff without it having to come from somewhere in your network right.

It was just hosted by Apple and you could access it anywhere and now it’s, going to change into something completely different. The idea Apple said was that it was going to start making it easier for you to access the stuff.

You want to watch, let’s say you wanted to watch Game of Thrones right. Normally, if you clicked on Game of Thrones, and Apple TV app it bounces you out to the HBO, Go app, or the HBO. Now app, you have a subscription to HBO, you access it through those apps, not through the Apple TV app, so bear with me here.

The idea is, you click on Game of Thrones and instead of having to go to another app to start the series, you actually just start watching the show that’s, the big promise and the idea is that you can pay for your subscription to HBO, instead of directly to HBO, you just pay through your Apple account, so one payment and that’s it now.

That sounds like a really good idea, right, very convenient, but there’s. A few hangups. First of all, there’s, not a whole lot of people who are playing with Apple on like Hulu and Amazon. It’s, not gonna work for them.

So if you wanted to play Handmaid’s Tale or Bosch or Goliath on one of those two other services, you can still find it through the Apple TV app. But you’re gonna bounce out to the Hulu app or the Amazon Prime video app.

So what streaming services is it gonna work with? Well, there’s, a really long list of them. Most of them are just not really that exciting. The most important ones, I think, are HBO Showtime stars and it looks like CBS.

All-access is in there, maybe even a picks, so those are solid movie services and that’s. Gonna be a lot of content and Apple’s. The algorithm is supposedly gonna figure out the kind of stuff that you like to watch and just put the most likely things you want to watch right in front of you, so you can just get to watch, and definitely, it will be nice not to have to Remember what streaming service various different shows live on? You can just see the show and start playing it, and that can be a really big deal for a lot of people, because now it’s, not just people who own Apple TV boxes.

It’s. You Roku owners out there, your Amazon fire stick owners, Smart TV owners for Vizio it’s. Gonna go back to a few years like four or five years back. If your Vizio tv was bought within that time frame, you’re going to have access to this new Samsung TV owners are gonna, get it right away.

Lg TV owners are gonna, get it so that’s. A huge amount of people that are suddenly going to have exposure to this Apple TV app if they dig in and they like it, it could change the way people stream TV there’s.

One other thing that Apple promised and I’m, not exactly sure how it’s, going to work because, right now it doesn’t, look like it works at all, access to your cable or satellite provider. So right now you can give your Apple TV, the credentials to your spectrum, or Direct TV account, and you can access those shows through your Apple TV box right well.

What Apple has said is that, through the Apple TV app, you could just watch those shows without having to go into the spectrum app or the DirecTV app. Now that again brings a whole lot more content into one place, but I’m, not seeing that.

Yet, when the official app comes out, we’ll be able to test it and see if that works and what it looks like. But right now it doesn’t, look like it! It’s set up at all, and I’m starting to wonder if that’s, something that was shown on a screen Apple but is never going to actually make it to reality.

So remember we’ve got Apple TV, the box, you’ve got Apple TV that app that’s going everywhere, and then you’ve got Apple TV Plus, which sounds like it’s, bringing more features to the game, but it’s.

Not it’s kind of a subscription service of its own and it’s all Apple original content. So if you want to pay more, you can get access to Apple TV plus content through the Apple TV. App platform Apple is very excited about its original series and some of them actually look really good, but I mean they spent like almost an hour fluffing up their original series.

It was actually really annoying some of them again look good, some of them not. I’ll, let you decide whether it’s. Gonna be worth it. I don’t really know much about the pricing on that stuff. Yet but again, the main thing to understand is that you have to divorce Apple TV Plus, which is a sign-in service, something you pay for from the Apple TV app, which is a different kind of experience with streaming TV now to be clear what we know right now, what we’re, seeing what we’re experiencing, comes from the beta app, and we know that when the official app comes out – and we don’t know when that’s going to be just yet There’s, gonna be some more to play with, and a lot of mysteries will be revealed as soon as that happens.

We’re gonna swing right back around dig into it and show you exactly how it works. I do know a few things are not going to change. One of them is that it’s, still going to be a huge hassle to put in all your usernames and passwords.

When you set this stuff up it’s. Annoying it takes a while, it may take you an hour and a half to get through all of it, but once that’s done, I think it could be a really meaningful streaming experience.

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