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Hey guys, I just downloaded the Disney Plus app on my Amazon fire TV, and I just wanted to walk you through and show you how it looks inside of the Disney Plus application itself. So what you’re gonna do is log in with the credentials that you signed up with initially at Disney Plus comm.

Now, if you haven’t already created a Disney Plus account, you can also sign up for age free trial period. If you want to do that to test out the streaming service for yourself. So as soon as you get logged in it’ll.

Take you to this, which is the home page. You can filter content, a ton of different ways. As you can see here, there’s, a Disney way to filter, as well as Pixar, Marvel Star Wars and National Geographic and then below that we have recommended content for you, hit movies, trending originals out of the vault, inspired by true stories, Ultra HD And HDR content Disney Channel favorites, musicals, throwbacks beasts and monsters, nostalgic movies, Disney Junior series, feel-good sports movies, Mickey Mouse through the years; documentaries, shorts, best, friends, fun, mysteries action-adventure as well as animals and nature.

And if you find something that you want to watch or maybe add to your watch list for later, let’s just say the mandalorian here. So we’re gonna click on that it takes us to a separate page. You can play the content right away.

You can click the little plus sign to add it to your watch list. So you can go to your watch list later and then find all of that content that you saved and then you can go down and look at episodes in the series.

Other content that is suggested based on this particular thing that we clicked on different extras as well as details for whatever content that you were looking into and then over on the left hand side of the screen.

You can look at your profile. You can search for specific content, we were just on the home page, but then you have your watch list, which everything that you add for watching later will be right in this area and then also you can filter by the Disney Plus originals, and this is going To be content, that’s only accessible, if you have a Disney Plus account and it’s, gonna be right here in this area, you can also look at movies, and these can be filtered by all movies, A through Z, action-adventure, Animation comedy documentary as well as drama kids movies shorts, as well as Ultra HD and HDR content, and then we’re gonna go back and take a look at the other filter here, and that is TV series.

So we look at that and we can filter all series, A through Z, action-adventure, animation, comedy series as well as kids series and then going back at the end of the list. Here we have settings which you can change in that area, so I just wanted to do a quick walkthrough of the Disney Plus streaming application, and it should be familiar to those of you out there who already have a streaming accounts with things such as Netflix Amazon.

Prime video Hulu there’s kind of a general similar sense to all this. Where you log into your account, you can filter a bunch of different ways. You can add things to your watch list to watch later and just a really convenient way to get access to all of your different content.

So this was my first impressions video I like how everything is set up and I’m really looking forward to jumping in and start watching some of this content. So I appreciate you guys stopping by consider subscribing to my youtube channel and hope to see you guys back here for future videos.

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