House Party App – WHAT IS IT??? – New App Review

In this article, we are going to share with you house party app and its usage.

So house party, what exactly is this new app? Well to start this app isn’t actually very new. It’s been out for a while. Now, since the summer I believe, but if we go into the App Store and look at the app I’ll show you guys the video first year.

So, to sum up, what house party is it’s, pretty much a video chatting application that allows for really big groups of people to get into a single chat? It gives more freedom for video calls, whereas FaceTime can only be with one person.

Now. If we look at the picture here, you can see it says one tap and you’re with your friends, so they’re, really persistent with the idea of one top and your together and it’s just overall, a More fun way to be in a video call.

If we look at the homepage here there’s, it’s just filled with a bunch of these little things that you can kind of push around and play with, and when you go to sign up, you’re asked For the usual, your email address your name, a username and a password moving on to our user journey now and what we want to be able to accomplish within the app.

So we want to be able to log on and then have our friends show up and who’s online. And then we want to be able to select which friend we want to join with their one top and join system that they have.

And then finally be in a video chat with the friend that we wanted to connect to. So if we try it now, let’s unlock our device. Here, let’s. Go over to the app house party, login! Really quick! You’re, not going to show my password and login.

We can see. I don’t know that’s, not the right screen. We can see who’s online, which no one is, and that’s, pretty sad um, let’s, yeah the ones online. So well. Let me just show you how easy it actually is to join someone.

So you can see was online here in this screen and if you swipe up and swipe, you can join one of your friends or you can come down here. Tap that button there and you can join. You just have to wait for the screen to load and that’s.

It it’s, really simple, really quick and not hard to do. You do have several options when you’re in a call, so you can right here you can mute the mic. You can also flip the camera, and last thing you can do is lock the room.

What this does it is it doesn’t, allow other people to join the call that you’re in and that’s good for some private cause. I guess and yeah that’s, pretty much all the options you have when you’re, actually in a call something I found neat in the app.

Is you actually shake your phone to get the help and feedback menu and to report a problem? You click on that and you get this little screen where you get multiple colors and you can circle the problem that you have and then you can send it in.

So I thought this was pretty cool. The way that you could interact with the developers and show what kind of problems you have with the app another little subtle feature that they have in the app but gives it a completely different feeling that these little quotes that they have at that page there.

So every time you open the app you actually get a different little quote, as you can see here and again right here, so that changes every time you open the app – and I thought that was pretty cool. Now let’s, get into a few problems that I had with this app while using it one of the first ones was there were just a few people that I couldn’t add I would try adding Justin several times, but it Just wouldn’t work.

I’d, have to keep reading him, and probably the biggest problem that I’ve had with this app so far is about to come up here in a couple of seconds. Is that right there? This app completely drains the battery from your phone and although my phone does have some battery problems right now, it’s, just so bad it completely drains battery and it’s kind of hard because it restricts me from being able to Move in different places I had to stay around my battery, or rather not my battery my charger and yeah.

It’s, not fun, having to constantly charge your phone other than those problems. I think the app is pretty well done. It does solve a lot of problems with other current video complications. An application like FaceTime, Android and Apple users cannot connect on skype.

You can’t. Have such a big video call without having a subscription and just some other applications. Aren’t as fun and visually appealing as this one, so I think this one is actually pretty well done in the end.

I do think this is a good app, although it does have its problems, it still is a fun app to use. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to be able to have large group video calls, or that just wants to be able to hang out with some of their friends anyways that’s.

All I have for today, thanks for watching you

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