How to Use the Lyft Passenger/Rider App Tutorial (2020/2021 )

Today we’re gonna demo, the Lyft passenger app. So here’s. What you’ll see when you open the app you’ll see your location in the middle of the screen there and then you’ll see the surrounding drivers.

What vehicles are available and first let’s. Select this top left icon with the three lines. Alright. So here, if you want to edit your profile photo, you can do it here. There’s. Also a few other things you can do here.

You can check your notifications. You can go to this free rides tab here you can choose to send a text or an email to friends to invite them to lift, and when you refer them you can get a $ 5 credit to your account.

You can also take a look at your ride history and if you have a business account, you can see your personal and your business trips. I personally don’t, have a business account set up, but here you can set up a business account if you choose to there’s.

Also this payment tab. Here you can edit and add payment methods. I can see it. I have Apple pay selected as my default payment method. You can also use PayPal or you can add a credit card. You can also set up your personal account and your business profile there’s.

Also, this promos tab. If you have a Lyft promo code, you can enter it here there’s. Also, this donates tab and Lyft has what they call round-up and donate. So if your fare ends up being say, six dollars and 33 cents, they can round that up to seven dollars and that additional sixty-seven cents can be donated to whatever cause you to choose there’s.

Also, this help tab. Here you can also view your ride history and there’s. Also, this Help Center, where you can go to see answers to common questions. But if you, if you have a recent ride, that you have an issue with, you can select that ride.

You’ll scroll to the bottom and say you lost an item on that ride. You can select that fine last item button or if you need help with that ride. If you have a complaint or something you can select the get help button and then there’s.

Also, the Settings tab and you can do quite a few things here. If you select your name at the top there, you can change a profile picture. You can also change your email address or your phone number here.

You can set up your business profile. If you want to become a driver, you can select that and get that process going there’s. Also a services area there’s. A contacts area you can set up your notification preferences here and you can also log out of the app if you choose to here.

You also have the option on this screen to switch to the driver. So if you’re a driver, you can select this and it will take you to the driver app all right now in order to go back to that main screen that you see right when you open the app you select that get a ride.

Tab and we’re back again at the main screen and I’ll, say you’d like to add some frequent locations like your home or your work location. You’ll just select that where you are going area you can see at the bottom here there’s this home area.

So here you can enter a home address and at the bottom there you can also see that work tab. You can select that and enter your work address, and now we have our home and our work saved as frequent locations.

Now, if you want to request a ride, you’ll, just select search destination on the bottom there, and here it will. The app will automatically locate you where you currently are, so your pickup location will be your current location unless you decide to change that pickup location and to change that you’ll, just select that current location area – and you can change that.

So we’ll change, the pickup location, and now you just enter your destination address and mine has defaulted to a Lyft ride. You can see the header up there economy. This is a lift. The price is seven dollars and ten cents.

You can see there’s, a little message there. That says this is a good deal, essentially what it’s telling you is that there’s, no primetime. In effect, there’s, no price multiplier. In effect, this is a base fare.

This is what you’ll be charged when there’s, no multiplier. In effect, you’ll. Also, see there that the expected wait time before you’re picked up. Is it six minutes now? You also have a few right options.

If you don’t want just one a base, lift which seats up to four people. You can go to a lift XL, which seats up to six people and again these are both in the economy section. Now you can also go over to the luxury area, and here you could, you could request a Lux or a Lux black and there’s.

Also, the extra seat area where again lift XL will be here as well as Lux black and the extra seat ride are for when you have more than four people, but we’ll go back to the economy section. You can also choose to schedule.

Your ride here, so you’ll see that schedule area down by the request, lift button. You can select that and you can choose to schedule your ride. If you’d like we’ll go back now. We’re all ready and we’ll request our Lyft by drivers, one driver found and the ride request has been accepted.

You’ll see the arrival time of your driver on this screen. You’ll see your driver, you’ll see what type of car they’re driving, you’ll see the license plate number and you’ll also see their picture there as well. You can also choose to edit the ride. So if you check choose that edit ride area, you can choose to edit the pickup location edit, the drop-off location, you can add a stop here or you can cancel the ride here.

Now we’re back on this main screen. You can also choose to contact the driver here, so you can choose that contact button and you can either call the driver or text message. The driver, the driver’s vehicle here there’s that black car with the purple light up dot there.

That is where you’re at your driver is actually located, so the driver is now en route. You can track their progress when your driver arrives. You should get a notification saying your driver has arrived.

You’ll. Also, see this message. Drivers here depart in four minutes. You have five minutes of wait time until your driver can choose to cancel the ride and collect the cancellation fee. Your driver has now started the ride.

You’ll see this information here for this ride. The drop-off is expected to be at 4:11 p.m. travel to the drop-off location, and once you have been dropped off, you’ll. Get this screen where you can see what your, what the total was for your ride.

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