How to Use and Order on the McDonalds App Like a Boss!

Now today, I’m gonna talk to you guys about how to use a McDonald’s app pretty much and just how to make orders. Of course, there it’s changed quite a bit before I get in there very quick something new. We’re gonna start doing with today’s. Video and in future videos is, I’m gonna be doing a shout out to a subscriber anybody who’s subscribed to my channel: do random randomly by name so make sure to watch all my videos to make sure I see if you’ve been like called out or so nothing bad. But you know, of course, and so I want to give a big shout out to Scott brillar, one of my subscribers described a couple weeks ago.

If you’re watching this via scart, how are you doing man and so uh? So yeah? We’re gonna be doing and randomly you know each video from now on in the future. Definitely the only catch is you have to be a subscriber who has who can be visible? Username or your channel can be visible when you’re, subscribing to somebody else’s channel so that’s, the only catch cuz.

Otherwise I wouldn’t know who you are so that’s. The thing so, if you’re happy, otherwise let’s. Get this started. So let’s. Go to the McDonald’s, app make these up whatever you want to call it, and this is pretty much the homepage or starting page.

Sometimes they’ll. It’ll, show you a top deal or offer there, and then it will give you these options. Similarly, there’s. Also the same options like you see your start order view. All deals, earned, rewards all that you find them around here.

As well too, you can choose doing doing it this way or whatever I think doing it. This way is actually more simple, because if you go straight and directly and more quicker, okay, so of course this is where you’re gonna need to go from old order and pay, or you’re gonna make choose what you want to order, so you can pretty much order anything like all-day breakfast, sandwiches, meals and dollar menu items. Anybody who is on a budget and then like let’s, say classic chicken.

Now, whenever you order something, it will show you like pretty much the price, the calories and you have the option to customize it. If you want certain toppings there, like mayonnaise or ketchup or pickles, give me the option do that, so that’s, pretty much a sweet thing.

So what I like about this and then it’s easier, rather than mentioning it to a cashier or somebody else, so that’s. What I like do using this app for and you can choose multiple quantities. You know like that.

Pretty simple, just kind of read carefully. I have to warn you about that. If you’re, not too used to this, and then you have the option to save it as a favorite, and then you can even put a nickname.

I’m, not gonna. Do it right there and then, when you order notice that it’s, gonna have what you ordered right there. Previously, I’d ordered you know, add a cheeseburger and two cookies by mistake and that’s.

What will show up there and then it will say, choose payment or you have the option also order more. If you’re, not done and then make sure to enter the card, a number of course that you’ll, be charged at and that’s will be charged once your order through this app one or maybe to the store, Depending on your situation, I guess it’s varied quite a bit for me um and then hit finish when you ready to order, and it should be there now.

Additionally, what you can do. You can also access this from one of the other menus. Pretty easily, if you want to see what you’ve, ordered, and also shows the location so make sure it’s. Correct you order the correct location, and I like also there are favorites.

You can even save not only a favorite item but favorite orders if you order something like have a set or like alike. Maybe a family that orders this exact thing every time you have the option to save that, make it a favor make it more simple.

Not complicated and even locations, if you have a specific location in a restaurant, you’d like to go to weather, is of a customer service. You know was exceptional beyond that. You know somebody was funny, or maybe there’s, a guy or girl, that you have a crush on that.

You know that you know makes you want to go there. You know, I think we’ve all been in that situation. You know, probably not the wisest thing to mention, but I just thought it just comes into mind most definitely so if we, if you have well if you ever come one of those, this kind of also come in handy but anyways so yeah, like Also, you also get to see the deals here, which is what people love about this app and they change about.

Sometimes every couple of days, every week at least as you notice, right here, is some expired today. Some expire in a few months or a few days, so it’s about and if they last for about a week, they start on Monday and into Sunday that’s when they change so and then you could also see the locations And you can see by zip code let’s, see I’m gonna change the code around here and then it’ll. Show you a nurse one around you from your zip code and then it will also show you the hours, of course, the address, and you know if you want also to filter. If it’s, you know, drive through mobile ordering certain amenities or features.

So it’s, really really simple, and then you can also see nutrition info. I like on some of these pretty much all these menu items. As I say, the strawberry shake quite a bit of calorie and you know as much as others, but you can see all that listed there yeah and also keep in mind so for deals.

I forgot to mention every Friday McDonald’s, has a free, medium fry offer, where, if you purchase at least one dollar of anything else, you get a free, medium fries. So that’s. The only ketchup to at least make a purchase of one dollar or more, which shouldn’t be too hard and you get him free, medium fry.

So you know something to add on to your order. If you happen to order on a Friday, if you’re watching, especially if you’re watching us on a Friday, so anyways but yeah so and then once you do more order and pay like when you complete the order, it will tell you where to go in terms of like whether you cuz it’ll, give you the option and go inside the restaurant.

I do curbside pickup and some people like the curbside. Some people like to do the old-fashioned go inside so for curbside pickup. I’m, going to show you guys pretty much how to shortly on where to go on how to use it.

You know when you order something on the like Criseyde option and then for the counter. Of course, you can also like he just goes straight inside the restaurant and the Curtis ID thing is pretty. You know, handy especially on a rainy day or you.

Don’t want to go inside. If you’re, tired or whatever so is pretty flexible, so this app is, you know, just super helpful and it can be like. I said it can be hard. Sometimes at first you know, but once you get the hang of it, it shouldn’t be that bad and it has all the information and your fingertips.

You know, especially if you’re kind of some allergies or if you need to go, find the nearest location. Everything like that, so don’t forget to download this app don’t forget to check it out almost every day.

You feel hungry because you never know what you’ll find there. So it’s, pretty helpful, and I’m going to show you guys what to do when you get to McDonald’s in terms of you know where to receive your orders, and so here we are McDonald’s, everybody now, as you’ll, see right here, some of the locations are big, or some of them are smaller, a little bit bigger than some of the other ones.

Now the curse I pick up sign is right in the middle of the parking lot. Sometimes it’s right by the curve, depending on where it is it. Shouldn’t be too hard to find the curse. I pick up at this location. It is right next to the building, and so so their number.

This one’s number 45. So if yours on the abscess for making sure you park your number four, the boy will be able to recognize you most. Definitely don’t. Get it confused with these reserved for drive-thru signs that you see right there, that’s for drive-through orders that are waiting, and so you want to park there in that case, but for mobile ordered curbside.

You want to go to one of those. It looks like there’s, an iPad or a smartphone parking those, and make sure the number matches thanks everybody and has a good one.

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