Starz App Streaming Review 2021 Is it Worth it?

Summers might be the bull slipped or streaming that, and today I’m gonna tell you why? What’s up guys storytime is here, bringing you another app review, and today we’re gonna focus on Starz App with the power season finale.

I’m, just wrapping up and Outlander season. Premiered it’s. Just around the corner, I want to talk to you about my experience using Starz App over the last year. One of the biggest things that stands out to this hat is one app for all applications.

That means no branding confusion, and you have two different ways. You can log in, you can either go through your local cable provider. Sorry, no Comcast users can’t use it. I’m already going to Google Play or iTunes Store.

If you choose to buy it directly through Google Play or iTunes store. You do get access to a 7-day trial and I’m. Not trying to be in but 7 days is a bit week. Price is in fact very right. At 9000 month, it’s, coming in as the least expensive option, but showtime coming in at 1099, and my beloved HBO coming in at $ 14.

99 devices. All your favorite smartphones tablets have full of smart TVs and a cup of the game consoles. Pretty much just got Xbox one, no PlayStation, and all kinds of browser options, but it comes user interface and content.

You’ve got a pretty nice catalog. Once you enter inside the application, you’re greeted by the signature, starts down, and then you brought to the home screen, which displays a number of features, and the categories are broken up into a number of things like originals and various different movies, and One of the nice things about the newer season of the originals.

They’re available at 12:01 a.m. on Sundays, which means you can watch that new episode of our lander at whatever time that you want when the movie side started. This has some exclusivity deals associated with Lionsgate as well as Sony, and so because of this relation Lions game sunny you’re gonna get a more diverse set of films from not only black but also Latino actors, keeping a whole section dedicated to Denzel Washington, if you’re, a fan of the James Bond franchise like I am that deal also displays lots of James Bond movies in terms of features you’ve got offline, viewing which they came in the door with everyone even reintroduces The application you’ve got my list which allows you to place.

You know your favorite items and go back and watch them later. One of the other nice things is that the trying to catch back up on a particular series you can put that entire series into your playlist got multiple profiles and as well as a Spotify integration.

So you can check out the soundtracks to your favorite shows right. There, within the application, I thought thoughts. If you already have Starz App as part of the cable subscription, you should absolutely download the app and take advantage of the various features that are available as far as buying a standalone app.

You’re gonna get access to some compelling content. You & # 39. Ve got an exclusivity deal with Sony, so the number of the films that come out through there, your Starz App is gonna, be the home for those, as well as all for a super low price of nine bucks.

So I think this is a definite by definite download. I love to hear back from you. Let me know if you’re using the Starz App and if so, you know, what are your favorite shows teachers? What do you want to see them ad and I’ll, see you next time.


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